Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What's in My Caboodle- The ULTIMATE Summer Academy Horse Show Supply List

Makeup: If you are a guy, you might ignore this section!     Just bring everything.  Even if you do your makeup before you get to the show, no one can guarantee that there won't be a sudden downpour, or a horse that wants to use you as his personal towel.   It is also a good idea to buy a make-up sealer (it is a spray) that will protect your make-up from smudges and humidity.  

Click here for the product: ELF make-up setting spray

Whip: You can purchase them from a ton of places, but a good starter whip that looks nice and is cost effective is this whip from Hartmeyer Saddlery: Saddle Seat Show Whip
Helmet: Many instructors do not like colorful or really bulky helmets in the ring.   Choose a helmet that fits close to your head, and stays in place when you move your head from side to side.   Don't order these online!   Go to a tack store and try them on- even with a fitting chart, it is difficult to anticipate whether a helmet will fit or not.  Do not buy used!  Try this helmet (available in most tack stores):  Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet
Stirrups/Saddle : for stirrups, choose the shortest length (even if you are an adult).   I purchased mine from Amazon.  Make sure when purchasing stirrups, you are buying a PAIR.  Some sellers offer them individually (yeah, I don't understand it either).   For leathers, get REAL LEATHER, or else they will stretch and be unusable.   You can google how to measure for stirrup iron size.  
             Stirrup leathers: Gatsby Stirrup Leathers
             Stirrup Irons: Coronet Premium Fillis Stirrup Irons
Show Shirt and Vest: Talk to your instructor.   Do not buy anything online without careful consideration!   It is so hard to guarantee fit when you purchase online.  some places, like Commotion Consignment Riding Apparel  will ship items to you to try on.  That way, you can get your instructor's permission before purchasing the items.  
Jods and Underpasses: Your instructor can help you find jods (pants) if you need them, but make sure you get underpasses as well.  These hold your pants down and keep them from riding up as you show.  Buy an extra pair!  These do not last forever and will break at some point-it is better to be prepared.  
             Underpasses: Single Button Underpasses from Hartmeyer
Change of Clothes: This is pretty self explanatory.  You could be rained on, slobbered on, or even covered in sweat or funnel cake crumbs-- bring extra clothes just in case.   
Rain Riding Gear: It's going to rain at some point in your show season.   Just accept your fate. Bring rain riding gear!
            Rain riding jacket:  Schneider's Clear Rain Coat
Gloves: My favorite are the SSG pro show gloves.  They look nice, they are breathable, and they are easy to wear.   
            Gloves: SSG Leather Pro Show Gloves (Amazon)
Jod Savers: These are inexpensive but SUPER important!  They are what keep your jods from being dragged through the dirt.   They come in cute or plain styles. 
              Jod Savers: Colorful Cuff Straps from Hartmeyer
Tie:find them at any clothing store, or specially made with bling from etsy or any show consignment store. 
Boots:most instructors prefer the pull-on style.   You can get either patent leather (which is TOUGH to keep in great shape) or normal jod paddock boots.   
              here are some affordable boots that I love: Ovation Finalist Elastic Side Jodphur Boots
Earrings: The bigger the better.  Hey, you do what you can to distract the judge from your horrible legs. 
Tie Bar: It is also called a "collar bar".   This is what makes your tie look nice and neat with your show shirt.  
              Collar bar: show Ring Outfitters Collar Bar Collection
Bun Bows : you can make them or buy them.   There are so many styles out there!   
              Bun Bows: Bun Bows on Etsy
              Want to make your own? Purchase this PDF from etsy: Bun Bow Tutorial
Lapel Pin: This makes you look more put together as a rider.  Get the magnetic ones so it won't ruin your vest. 
               Lapel pin: Double row Magnetic Horsehoe Lapel Pin
Number Pins/Magnets: You don't want to damage your nice show clothes, so number magnets keep you from having to put a pin through your vest.   Some places, like Show Ring Outfitters, sell sets that include earrings, a collar bar, number magnets, and a bun bow in matching styles and colors.
              Bow, collar bar, magnet, earring, and lapel pin set: "Lucky" show set, 5 colors  
Hair Nets: I get mine at Sally's Beauty Supply and always have at least two on hand in case one gets torn.  
           Hair Net:  Ultra Invisible Hair Net
Flat Bobby Pins:These are your regular, run-of-the-mill bobby pins.   Buy a few packs and stash them in your caboodle.  
           You can buy an ENTIRE POUND of these for around $8:  Mairanna Bobby Pins, 1lb.
V-Shaped bobby pins: These bobby pins are a little harder to find (I get mine at Sally's).  They are v-shaped, and these are what give your bun its shape.  It is almost impossible to make your bun appear seamless and polished without these things.  Get the smaller sized ones, though--the large ones are HUGE.  
           V-shaped bobby pins: Sta-Rite Assorted Hair Pins
Hair Brush: I think it is nice to have a brush only for horse shows.   Nothing is worse than handing someone a crusty three year old hairbrush and expecting them to do your hair with it.  
hair Spray:Think "how they hold their hair together in the 80s".   Get the strongest stuff you can find. 
            Hairspray that holds: Aqua Net Super Hold Unscented Hair Spray
Hair Ties: Bring extra!   It really sucks to have one break and to have to search around for a replacement. 
Electrical Tape: We use this to tape gloves and boots to make them appear seamless under your riding clothes.  Bring lots of tape!
             Electrical tape: Industrial Grade Electrical Tape, 10pk.
Clothes Pins: Just in case you forgot your magnets and need to pin a number, or for those unexpected wardrobe malfunctions. 
Sewing Kit: To repair minor tears and holes in your clothing.  
Snacks: I like to stash CLIF bars in my bag; they are easy to eat, full of carbs (for energy) and lots of protein.  Plus, they're super tasty.  
Lysol Wipes: Use these or the "wet ones" wipes.   It's great for getting dirt off your hands (if you decide to pet your horse and then get slobber on you) or to freshen up before you change into your "go home" clothes. 
Money/Cash: Many of us use mostly card, instead of cash.  But many shows charge for parking, or offer really tasty fair food that you just can't resist and you will need cash in order to purchase these things. 
Lint Roller: this is one of my most important items!   Do you know how much hair can get on jods when you are around a horse?   It is enough to make papyrus, I am sure.  
Shoe Polish: There are lots of mini size shoe polishes that come with the applicator sponge already attached.   It is nice to have on hand in case you accidentally scuff your boots and need a quick fix.